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About Fatliquoring
Fatliquoring is the end of the wet procedures active in the manufacturing of leather. The working statuses differ from workplace to workplace. Therefore, to ensure that fatliquors yield generally uniform & accordant results under varied conditions we would like to proffer some directions on their usage. These instructions could assist the Tanner to get the top-quality results out of a conferred set of these products.

  1. The formulation of the fatliquor colloid that is to be fed into the drums including leather plays an essential part in determining the mode in which the it will exhaust and is settled in the leather. In working the compound of emulsion itself is frequently an omitted operation consequent in changes in fatliquoring, which are challenging to construe with. Anionic variety of these products are configured to make ‘Oil in Water’ colloids & not’ Water in Oil’ colloids. In order to bring forth such emulsions the product should be appended to a minimal of four times its own volume of water at not more than 60 C. Nevertheless, water is supplemented to the fatliquor is there is a prospect of’ phase inversion’ taking place i.e., the arrangement of ‘Water in Oil’ emulsion which on resulting dilution-addition to the drum – may break and reason fat deposition on the opencast of the feather. However, when the process is to be finished under immoderate conditions like picking & tanning, it should be thinned prior to its appendage to the drum.
  2. Temperatures is also a crucial part as many of these include coupling agents, which are mostly vaporous and at high temperatures, may flee from the system and cut down the stability of the colloids.
  3. Emulsions firmness could also be lessened if preconditioned emulsions are permitted to stand for an extended time before usage. They should be utilized as soon as possible. Live steam should be deflected since local super-heating may effect the emulsion firmness. If it is essential, water should be
  4. heated up with steam and then the oil should be added to it.
  5. When a mixture of fatliquors is to be utilized they should be blended together first & then emulsified. Abstracted emulsions of individual product will not yield the same fatliquoring outcome as would a mixture of products blended together.
  6. Caution should be taken to stabilize the ratio of deep penetrating products to opencast lubricating kinds in a mode so as to attain the coveted lubrication end-to-end the cross-section of leather.
  7. As far as manageable soft water should be utilized for fatliquoring. For a desired level of consistency one may have to use 10-15% more fatliquor.
  8. Complete stabilization of this system can be utilized by superfluous emulsifiers along with the fatliquors that can effect in defective bath exhaustion & loss of the product.
  9. Hard-and-fast control over the first pH of the fatliquoring bath & the concluding pH of the exhaust bath should be preserved so as to attain consistent fat complacent & fat distribution in leather as well as to deflect some fat splitting troubles.
  10. For best outcomes perfect motion speed of the fatliquoring drum should be not more than 20 RPM.